Be Secure and Play Sex Freely!

Sex on a first date can be exciting, but the risk may not be worth it. If you are dating after a long time away from the dating scene, proceed with caution when it comes to having sex right away. Make sure that you are ready for the expectations and consequences of starting a sex dating relationship with a man you have just recently met. Here are some things to think about when dating a new man.

Couple in Sex Position

Couple in Sex Position

Am I ready to commit physically to someone I do not know very well? Sex changes everything, and these changes may not be what you have in mind. If is extremely difficult to get to know a man if you are sleeping with him. His motivation will be very different than if you were just dating sites. Do not confuse sex with a relationship.

Once you have sex with a man, your relationship will go in a different direction. Make sure that you are alright with this before you begin this type of matchmaker relationship. You can never go back to where you were before you had sex. Make sure you use protection, no matter what he says. This can change or end your life so you want to be careful.

Think long and hard about what you want to do in this situation. You may decide that online dating and getting to know someone is more fulfilling and rewarding over the long run. Learning about a man, and being able to ask him questions to find out more, is valuable if you are interested in something more than sex.

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