Best Positions for Doing Anal Sex Dating

For the sex more anal, there are some positions that it do easier to attain the end.  These generally to apply to analingus, actual anal sex dating or even using fingers…though with fingers almost any sexual position might work, if both parties enjoy it.

Couple Doing for Anal Sex

Couple Doing for Anal Sex

The most basic is for your adult single lover to be on their back, legs spread and/or knees pulled up. Put a pillow or two under their butt…this is a big help that’s easily overlooked. In one way this is the most awkward of the positions, but it can be the easiest for your lover.

Another is for your adult dating lover to be on elbows and knees, as for doggie style sex. This is easier for access, but it also tends to require your adult dating single lover to tighten their butt muscles a bit. This may work better if your lover has some support under their chest/belly to lean on, so they can relax more, which might put things at an easier angle for access.

A third position is for them to be on their side. Their legs need to be in a scissors position, maybe the superior an extended one in front of them and the other to lead, of other the superior leg formulated dating services towards the chest or rising right and the lower leg in although the position is comfortable.

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