Common Misconceptions for Cougar Dating

You might wonder why women dating younger men. And if you have never asked for this, then you probably have some general ideas. The most popular idea is that older women only date young people to feel good. I will not lie, it is certainly a factor, but is an option that has some advantages and disadvantages. After an encounter with a much younger man, I decided right then to go out with younger men was not for me.


To date, I get messages on country singles dating sites for men 10 years younger than me, but always politely refused in view of his age. Of course, many of them were beautiful, and for a brief moment I fantasized about being intimate with them, but then snap back out of it and the rationalization that he was too young. As noted with a younger man out of the question.


Now we have to ask: “What is the problem if he is younger than the woman in you?” I’m going to reveal to you my personal reasons why I hesitated, and to exclude a lot of interesting young men.
The main reason why I made up to 360, when the opportunity to meet a younger man interested in me is pure, that women dating younger men are very different place mentally than I am. I was married to a very immature, and there’s no way I could have been involved in a person so immature again. I’m ready for true love and everything else with it, marriage and children. I just always assumed that the man in the early 20’s is only interested in parties, go to the bar to take the women for one night, and would only be interested in having sex.

Women Dating Younger Men

I do not know that this is not always the case of women seeking women for lesbian dating. In fact, last summer I went to a party where I met a woman who has been dating younger men. She was 37 years and brought with him a man of 26 who attended. When he went to go and mingle with other men in the party, I asked if I could make some very private questions of the younger men. He did not care at all. Dating revealed that this young man was the best experience I ever had appointments. She was older than 3 months and found it very maturely and responsibly. He owned his own home on the east coast and moved toCalifornia to be near her. (They met online.) Opened my eyes to a whole new world and had shown that all young people are immature and in the party. After this conversation with her, I was open to the idea of ??dating younger men.

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