Dating Several Women Consecutively

For most men, dating several women at the same time is a good thing. After all, variety is the spice of life, right? The belief that local men are naturally promiscuous rather than monogamous does have some solid basis.

Thankfully, the opposite holds true for women.

Of course, some single women act like men and love to play the field. For the great majority of women, however, marriage and spending the rest of their life with a single sex partner is still the main objective.

As natural as it sounds, sexual variety does have its advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are pretty obvious, especially the advantages, while dating men will give you reason to pause. Take a gander at the following.

(1) You call the shots
You become impervious to her little manipulations and veiled threats because, thanks to your backup (or backups), you are genuinely unafraid to lose her. You can afford to turn your back on all the BS because someone else is waiting in the wings.

A man who is willing to walk out on girls tonight if pushed too far is extremely attractive. She will make an effort to be nice and give you what you want.

(2) You are a challenge
The fact that you can afford to brush a woman off because you’re too busy, independent and not desperate for her company or attention makes you a great challenge. You are someone that she can admire.

Furthermore, your willingness to pack it all up helps you get around the “let’s be friends” routine that some women like to play. You’d rather be gone than be friends and that makes you exciting.

(3) Sex all the time
Obviously, with so many women, you can have sex any time you want. And for some men, that’s the biggest advantage of all.

(1) Time consuming
Dating and wooing one woman on a regular basis can take up much of your time, so dating two, three or more can be an absolute nightmare. It is not only time consuming, it requires a lot of effort. That doesn’t even take into account all the time you spend watching over your back to make sure none of your honeys run into each other.

(2) Expensive
If you’re a true-blue gentleman who routinely pays for dinner out of chivalry, dating multiple partners can be an expensive proposition. That’s especially the case if you take your lovers to hotels or motels since you don’t want them to know where you live to avoid untimely visits.

(3) You Might Lose The One You Want
There will be a time when you will surely have special feelings for one woman and may consider committing to her for the rest of your life. Having her discover your indiscretions is a sure way to lose her.

(4) You risk their ire
Speaking of dangerous, just imagine if one of the girls in your life was a little psycho and she found out about your little harem on the side. She could cause a lot of trouble and most of us know how crazy a scorned woman can get.

(5) You might get a disease
The risk of getting an STD is higher if you’re sleeping around, so you’d better to play it safe. Just imagine how much hurt and anger you will cause if you manage to contract an STD from one of your girls and then spread it to all of them. Yikes!

scarlett boehm