How to Flirt With Girlfriend Learning Single Guy

There are many opinions and strategies on how to flirt with a girlfriend.

Learning how to flirt with a girl is a fine art, a challenging pastime, and a delicate matter. Whether you’re pursuing the singles speed dating woman of your dreams or just enjoying a social event, these tips might be useful.

However, it doesn’t have to be complicated, and probably shouldn’t be. Here’s some of the practical strategies that have worked for others in the past; remember, though, you and your intended recipient find a date for flirting are your own people, so what works for you may not work for everyone.

Find a Date

Find a Date

Forget about any “lines” you may have read online single dating sites book, in a book, or watched on TV. Odds are these are both ineffectual and have been tried by hundreds and thousands of other guys. The books and such on “flirting” are, for the most part, produced for entertainment, not practicality.

You do, however, want to come up with some original opening lines. There needs to be some initial contact, after all, and that initial contact needs to be dating sites interesting enough to continue. A couple of things to think about when coming up with the first thing to say:

Look at the person, and find some characteristic of her that is NOT obviously flattering. For example, if she’s wearing a fantastic dress, notice her earrings. She may have had a million compliments on the dress during the night.

Dating Sites

Dating Sites

Complimenting her on the earrings, however, validates the time she spent trying to accessorize well – and many women will appreciate that you took the time to observe and really see them.

It’s OK to be simple if it’s sincere. If you see that she’s finished her drink, for example, a simple “may I buy you another?” is a fine and polite way to open a conversation. It also gives her the opportunity to continue free dating the conversation, if she wants to – a sign that you respect her, and are not trying to dominate the conversation.

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