How to Impress a Guy in Conversations Adult dating

It’s one thing to appear sweet and lady-like, it’s another to act like one. Sure, he’d love to know all about you, but that doesn’t mean you can chat the night away.

Babbling on and on adult personals about yourself doesn’t exactly scream modesty. Give him the floor every once in a while.

Now pay attention, because once you’ve given him the floor, it’s time to put those communication skills to the test. That’s right, when guy want mature ladies dating conversation isn’t a one way thing. You talk, but you also need to listen. When it’s his turn to talk, pay attention and wait your turn. It’s rude to interrupt, and you’ll only end up offending him.

Mature Ladies Dating

Mature Ladies Dating

And listen! Don’t out your chin on your hands, put on your best acting skills on singles speed dating and pretend to be listening. If you’re mind is somewhere else, he’ll know. Your eyes or your facial expression may betray you. You can’t feign interest and expect him to be impressed with you. If he figures out you’re only pretending, then he’ll lose interest in you.

Don’t let your eyes wander. Focus on him so he’ll know you’re listening. It wouldn’t kill you to smile either. A great trick is to mirror his reactions. If he’s excited talking about something, then look excited as well.

Being stoic doesn’t exactly define showing adult dating interest. How would you feel if you’re in the moment and the person you’re talking to looks like there could have been carved out of stone?

Adult Dating

Adult Dating

Try to avoid looking bored as well. It’s rude and offending and if he can sit there and listen to you talk about yourself, then you can do the same for him. Isn’t that the purpose of getting to know each other and finding common interest?

Whatever you do, don’t interrupt unless it’s to ask questions or ask him to explain further. If you want to know how to impress a guy in date online conversations, then learn to wait for your turn. Even if you have a great story to tell, keep it for now.

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