Meet Beautiful Women

A single and simple goal for most men they want to meet – and get to know – beautiful women. I’ll share with you here the special knowledge I’ve learned over the years, special knowledge that will help you identify where to meet these beautiful fresh women and how to treat them once you’ve met them.

The Places Beautiful Women can be met

If you didn’t see a lot of beautiful women today, you weren’t looking. Or you didn’t go out. Here’s one of those little-known facts – these stunning creatures aren’t any different, really, from you or me. They must eat, sleep and go to work. They usually like to spend their time having sex tonight from time to time, and they’ve got lives to lead that require the same things from that as are required of the rest of us.

Gyms are great places to met beautiful women tonight and it’s easy to do. Just hang out by a bench press on your own – ready to work out. When women comes by, stop and ask her if she’ll spot you for a few reps – tell her your own workout buddy got sick and couldn’t make it to the gym. Of course, introduce yourself and express your gratitude when you’re done. And if it feels right, get her phone number!

Meeting Beautiful Women – What’s the Best Way to Behave?

Most men have a real problem when they’re around beautiful women – they seem to fall all over themselves. It’s pretty embarrassing, really. They start acting for couples sex to all macho and stupid. It’s a phenomenon called “beauty vision.” You can’t be just like them or you’ll lose out, just like them.

She’s well aware of her beauty, and has been for many years. By ignoring her attractiveness, you’re letting her know very clearly that you’re different from most other guys. She may have mixed feelings about your apparent immunity to her beauty – she’ll probably appreciate being treated like a woman instead of a trophy, but she may be a little put off by the fact that she can’t so easily reduce you to mumbling imbecility.

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