Men On First Date With Some Rules

You’ve heard all the rules before the dates of the first. Now, forget everything you heard in the past. This is what we really need to know the first big appointment.

1. Make the effort to look presentable. Take a shower, wear a good suit that is not dirty or wrinkled, and shave if necessary. How do you introduce yourself to date is a reflection of how their potential would be on the road.

2. Take your date on time. Nobody likes to wait. If you are going on first date and you are more than 10 minutes late, call his cell to let him know (and make sure that you both have each cell count others before).

3. Bring gum or mints and use when needed. Nothing beats a day faster than bad breath. It could also be a good idea to wear a little bag of floss to remove food between the teeth during trips to the bathroom.
4. When you finally see the day, smile and give direct eye contact. Language shows the body of her carefully to see if she wants a hug or a handshake. If it is a hug, give him a hug, but not too strong. If it’s a handshake, give him a handful of farms (but again not too tight).

Men On First Date With Some Rules

Men On First Date With Some Rules

5. Stay focused on your date. Do not let your eyes wander when another girl is going in. It is considered rude and trusts us, your date notice.

6. Do not distract the date talking about you. Women are turned off by adult personals who spoke to them. Make sure you have a good balance between speaking and listening. Also, do not “brag” about their accomplishments and / or property. Women see it as insecurity. Just act naturally, and the value of your talk for himself.

7. When discussing the date, listen to what he says, and to confirm his feelings when applicable. This is definitely one of the most important things to remember. If a woman sees that you’re a good listener and you can talk about almost everything, you’re in the middle.
8. Not receiving calls on your cell phone during a date unless you think it’s an emergency. Leave your cell phone to silent or vibrate during the day.

9. When a woman look great on a date, it looks good to you. And women like to know that you have.

10. Be creative. Women are often the flowers on dates – and from the beginning. Become different and surprising in a different way, giving flowers or a rose during the day or at the end. You can also attach flowers with another favorite among women: a chocolate rose.

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