Navigate the Black Dating Romance World

Black dating romance has gone beyond the average meet and greet. With online dating accounting for a healthy chunk of single life, there are a few steps that help daters progress beyond that couples sex or first date. First impressions matter, even in the online world.

The first thing to consider on a black dating romance profile is the picture. Instead of taking a picture in a public bathroom and posting it to the dating site, have a friend take several pictures. Dress casually, but make sure the picture is nice and face forward. Seeing a person in their everyday life makes him or her more accessible. The photograph should be current. It is not advantageous to use a ten-year old photograph. When a relationship has gone beyond online to an in-person meeting, daters should resemble the photo they have placed on their profile, not how they looked in the year 1984.

Another helpful tip with dating is to set up an email address specifically for the account. Giving out the email address used for everyday business is a disadvantage. Not only are daters having to peruse through dozens of daily emails, they now have to search for those from fellow romance seekers. Setting up a dedicated email address helps keep the focus on the task at hand. Once this is set up, get ready to decide what to place in profile. Keeps likes and dislikes specific. Keep the tone light. Never place too much personal information online. This is information that can be shared once a relationship has started. In the beginning, many dating men are not ready for deep thought. Not to mention, there can be considerable embarrassment if too much is shared.

Black dating romance is exciting. Understand that being online does not exclude one from the same behaviors as a face-to-face date. Daters want and need the undivided attention of prospective partners. This means no instant messaging with others, watching television, and taking phone calls while communicating with the person that is possibly a future spouse to get layed tonight or for lifelong partner. Keep the focus narrowed down. Just as it is hard to juggle several people in person, the same can be said for distance dating. Be honest and love and friendship will follow.

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