Online Dating Success In Easy Steps

Hooking up with women from dating sites doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, when you have a good system in place it becomes an astonishingly simple procedure.

The following is an overview of the steps you’ll need to take to go from random strangers to intimate lovers.

1. Get in the right “mind-state” for online dating

You don’t need to psychoanalyze yourself, or do a bunch of “inner-work” to succeed with online dating. But it sure helps if you’re in a decent mood, and it’s even better when you’re “high on life”.

To get in the best mood possible, try combining a handful of mood adjusters, you could as an example: go for a run, drink a caramel latte, put your favorite date me song on, and call a friend. These things will make you extra happy to be alive, and that positive emotional energy will be apparent to women online.

2. Put up a non-creepy profile

Your profile doesn’t need to be perfect. But it absolutely cannot be perceived as creepy by women. First, get a picture of yourself with a calm smile or other acceptable expression on your face.

Date Me

Date Me

Second, make sure you are dressed cool in the picture, that means you’ve got to wear a SHIRT! And third, don’t mention sex, past girlfriends, Star Trek, or how much you love children. Instead tell an interesting anecdote or two that paint an interesting picture of the life you’re living on online single dating sites and try to show some enthusiasm about it!

3. Email some women

When you find a woman you would like to date, read her profile and pick out something that genuinely interests you. Then make a comment about it. Don’t tell her how pretty she is or how much you have in common, just make platonic conversation.
The fact that you are interested in her as adult personals woman is obvious and doesn’t need to be stated via email. Acting chill will show her that you aren’t a desperate horn-ball like every other guy who has emailed her this week, and it will give her something concrete to respond back to.

4. Chill

After you’ve emailed a handful of girls, take a break and do something else fun. Sitting at the computer all day is depressing and not good for your game. Don’t keep checking your email, a watched pot never boils, so focus your attention elsewhere.

5. Exchange Numbers

When a girl writes you back, don’t hesitate. Immediately ask for her number and even give her yours. As a general rule, women only respond to men they are open to adult club dating. Don’t ruin the awesomeness that is about to happen by playing it safe and beating around the bush, just go for it.

Adult Club

Adult Club

You don’t need to try to be smooth about getting her number either, just say, “Hey want to get together for a drink later in the week? My number is AAA-XXX-ZZZ or I could give you a call.”

When you play it like this, chances are very good that she’ll call you or email you back her number. Giving you her number will seem like even less of a big deal because she already has yours, and bear in mind that if she is writing you she already actively wants to give you her number.

Most other guys ask for numbers rather than giving theirs out. So by giving your number up front you are showing her that you’re different and cooler. It shows that you think of yourself as her equal not some stalker like dude that is trying to get her number.

6. Call her up and arrange a date

You should always try to call your girl up the same day you get her number. This way you can be sure that she still remembers who you are and why she gave you her digits. Putting it off for 24 hours or more makes you look either scared, or disinterested.
When you get her on the phone, remember you don’t need to entertain her or try to make her think you are the coolest guy in the world. Be calm, ask her how her day is going? What is she up to? Has she been on dates with guys she met for adult dating online before? When is she free to get together? The topic of your convoy isn’t that important. Just focus on being calm and happy.

Pick a day that you are both free, and tell her what you’re going to do. I recommend meeting up at a casual bar/restaurant. If she gives you a hard time about how busy she is, call her bluff and tell her to call you when she gets some free time.

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