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It was pretty amazing the responses from them. The overall majority male and dating girls said to wait for at least 3-6 months. Here are the top reasons why you should wait for sex. Well I was looking around on the net and there were a lot of people asking how long should they wait to have sex with the person they are dating. I decided to go around to a bunch of singles and ask them their opinion and their experience.

Both the male and females agreed that you will receive greater respect if you wait. The males said they just really did not respect her as a person because of how fast she was willing to have sex. The ladies said that after they had sex too soon they did not like how they felt about themselves and they felt as if they had little or no self-respect. Search local singles in online local dating websites. It is kind of funny how the guys lose respect for the ladies and the ladies lose respect for themselves.

The longer you wait the better the sex is. Both sexes agreed they have waited in relationships and the sex was a lot better then just jumping right into it. Choose the best dating services in online. The females said there was a lot more passion involved. The males said the build up and excitement was amazing.

Male and females both said that when they waited they got to know the person a lot better and had a better bond. When the time came and they did have sex it was not just sex there was a lot more too it.

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