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We have all heard of online dating and speed dating events, but think of this concept in the same place in total darkness. Dating in the dark is the new game in which the brash singles are presented with other singles without the physical characteristics will be revealed.

For those men and women, who claim that looks are not important, the dark dating to test the sincerity of this philosophy? The concept of this new singles and the dating game is a singles match based on personality, compatibility, and later in the evening the participants will be able to decide whether it is physical attraction too.

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We have heard comments from individual on a daily basis, when dating girls meet through free dating sites, but more often are disappointed when the real face to face date occurs mainly in physical appearance. According to a recent survey published in the Sydney lifestyle magazine, 48% of singles fewer than 35 years said that the appearance is not the most important determination when it came to finding a suitable partner.

Dating in the dark events is held in the banquet facilities are at the bar or at the hotel. After a 6-minute speed dates to find someone participants choose who clicked, when the lights were out. Each person must then name tag, and then usually invested in a normally lit room, where men and women are free to socialize with the chat of them have chosen when the lights are off, the chemistry is still there when the lights light!

Dating in the dark to meet women create an atmosphere that builds anticipation and just plain fun and exciting. The concept was originally a virtual game online dating sites and chat rooms, and has since been moved online gaining popularity in many cities around the world.

Most people keep a little ‘fun. Groups of friends often funny book these functions from anywhere, anything can happen – the possibilities are endless and the results. Dating in the dark – give it ago!

scarlett boehm