Tale of Boy who Fall in love at Dating Site

Instant Tale happens while online dating
I got touch of one reader of my blog who had a story he’d like to tell about a recent relationship. He’s not a blogger. Not a writer. Just a guy with a story. A story he wanted to share. And I think, YES, let’s put it on my blog.

I had gone on a bad online girl dating date?, and swore to myself that I was done with online dating. So on a Saturday evening when I was taking a break from work online, I saw one talk in particular, and ended up signing up for the dating site that the talk had been the topic of the matching processes they use.

I got noticed by a few girls right away, but one really stood out and grabbed my attention. A few exchanges, some emails, and we met for coffee at one of my first date destinations, open air candle light restaurant at Beach. Sat with cold drinks, and talked for about an hour. She had to go meet up with a friend, so I gave her a ride and she ended the swingers club date by saying that I should give her a call.

Boy Love To Dating Sites

Boy Love To Dating Sites

A Saturday bike ride around the city followed by lunch and a couple of Bud Lights, and then came the lets cook dinner at my place dating service date. She brought a bottle of wine, and we ended up on my sofa watching a movie. About 15 minutes into the movie she turned to me and said something about being distracted, next thing I know we were making out. She was a good kisser, and shortly after the couch was reconfigured to the flat position:-D, as were we.

We didn’t do it that night – I hadn’t sex in a while, and wasn’t quite ready to jump back in as two of my connecting singles friends had unexpected offspring in the past two years. I was a largely self employed consultant running a technology starter, so I already had one baby to take care of. However, within a week I had sex dating and lost my virginity again?, after I had taken the steps to insure that I would be practicing safe sex.

The first month went by, and I was kind of blown away. Here I was, using to be this perennially single guy, and I had been dating the same girl for a month now. And I was getting regular loving. Things were going great, and were only getting better.

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