Tell Me Why Should I Love U

Love is life. It changes an individual. If you notice someone keenly before and after falling in love, you will get to know the difference. It not only sounds good, but it really work out as it bring out your virtues. In some case, the separation in dating website love can result in severe loss to an individual and at the same time, if love fecundates, you can see remarkable enlistment in life. Hence, love is something that can be the source of great push or pull in your life.

It is beyond any doubt that each and every one of us tries to have best of ourselves for our beloved. Each and every one of us has different reasons for loving him/her. Just inquire anybody about his love for you and he will present thousands of ‘reasons why I love you’.

Everybody in love expects a peck on cheek, a generous hug and a warm thank you. You should not be surprised if you’re asked, “why do you love me?” Instead online personals you should be ready and have collection of innumerable answer for, “reasons why I love you”.

Here are top twenty two answers, you can utter instantly for the, “reasons why I love you”

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Click Here for More Knowledge about I Love U

•Just a sight of you lift up my spirits.

•You complete me.

•You have given meaning to my existence.

•You bring out the best of mine.

•You are the only one, who can make me smile even when I am in my deepest sorrow.

•You smile is sufficient to make my day bright.

•I love the faith you have in me and meet singles love you for that.

•We are a perfect match

•I love you for you bring the best out of me.

•I really love your terrific sense of humor.

•You are the only one, who holds the key to my heart.

•You mean the world to me

•The way you kiss me and touch me.

•I love you for the heart touching things, you have written for me.

•Every time I look at you, my heart misses a beat.

•You are the theme of my dream.

•I love to wake up by your side. It makes my day better.

•Love is what you mean to me and you mean everything to me.

•The way you make me feel about myself.

•The way, you hold my hand and do not hesitate even at public places.

•I love you for taking care of ever of my small needs.

•I love the way, you brought changes in me.

The above mentioned are the topmost answers, you can hear by any single guy lover. These are some of the common and frequent responses of people, when asked, “Why do you love me?” thus, be keen observer and find out every small good thing about someone, you love and make it special in him.

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