What do Single Women Really Want?

The roles of men and dating girls have drastically changed…for better or worse? Back a few decades ago, men were not expected to self groom, know how to dress, cook or clean or to please a woman in bed. The exchange was simple; the man provided the money, the home and requirements and the woman reared the children and fulfilled her husband’s needs.

Sounds like a pretty foreign concept compared to today’s standards. While I’m all for women’s liberation, don’t we have to take everything that comes with it – the good and the bad? Independence did throw a bit of a monkey wrench into the roles of dating personals and how we relate to each other, making successful modern day dating about as easy as finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

All this confusion with male/female roles is contributing to the break-up of couples dating after 10-20 years of being married. Most of the divorces happening these days are between couples in their 40’s and 50’s. The media, movies, shows etc. all lead us to believe that there is something bigger and better out there for everyone. Well, this isn’t necessarily the case. Both infidelity and divorce are on the rise for men and women. They are coming out of relationships all confused and with complicated standards for each other. Women are suddenly liberated and think they don’t need a man, but after a while, they figure they really do want one and realize how hard it is to find one.

So why are we really so surprised when a man doesn’t pay, call first, offer to drive or open the door for us? They figure as independent women, we want to do singles dating these things for ourselves. Isn’t that what we want? Or is it?

scarlett boehm